Atlantic salmon monitoring and research in the Tana river system (2008)

This report concludes the work of a working group put down to draft a monitoring and research program for the Atlantic salmon rsource in River Tana, within the framework of the precautionary approach given by The North Atlantic Salmon Concervation Organization (NASCO).

The mandate of The Tana Working Group (TWG) was outlined through joint meetings and co-operation between The Directorate for Nature Management (DN) and The Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute (FGFRI/RKTL). The report is the responsibility of the Tana Working Group, and is based on both published and unpublished reports and data.

In this report the working group suggests to establish a permanent Norwegian-Finnish monitoring and research group for the Tana river system. At present such a group is under formation. The tasks of the group will be to give annual reports on Atlantic salmon stock status including trends in stock development, evaluate stock status according to NASCO's guidelines to the precautionary approach, identify knowledge gaps related these aspects. The group also can be asked to answer questions posed by the authorities concerning salmon management in Tana River system. Furthermore, tasks of a permanent group task list may be developed in the course of establishing.


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